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SpectrumWeather is the centerpiece of the Spectrum Technologies system to ease the collection, publication, and analysis of your weather data.

Start with any of the AE50 award-winning WatchDog 2000 Series Weather Stations. The Model 2900ET measures, calculates and logs evapotranspiration (ET), solar radiation, wind speed/direction, temperature, RH, dew point, and rainfall. Five external sensor channels are available for leaf wetness, soil moisture or other sensors. The workhorse Model 2700 would be the cost-effective choice where ET computation is not required. Or choose from the economical four-channel Mini Station line to measure and log weather conditions while computing disease pressure.

Send your weather data directly to the web using one of the WatchDog Communications options. The cellular modems include both GPRS and CDMA versions. An Iridium-based satellite modem can get your data out from locations without cellular signal. And the spread-spectrum wireless modem provides an economical solution when a station is with 2 miles of a location with an always-on Internet connection.

The SpectrumWeather.com web site lets you see the current weather conditions for all your weather stations. You can customize the names of your sensors, for example naming soil moisture sensors to include the depth. You control who can see how much of your data. You can allow anyone to see all your stations, or you can assign individuals to see specific stations only. It’s up to you.

Use SpecWare 9 Pro to download your logged weather data for reports, graphs, disease models, and other tools needed to analyze saved weather events.

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